and forget sugar

Linodiet is the leading company in Greece in the production of sweeteners since 1987. In our certified facilities, we produce sweeteners with all international quality standards. Our goal is to provide high quality, health related products in the most competitive prices.

The specialization of our company in the field of sweeteners combined with the constant research and with respect of the European legislation and the market demands, has led us to create a series of new innovative products. Besides our standard products, we can produce with private label as well as develop customized (tailor-made) products.

Why are we unique...

Because we have expertise in sweeteners and we are continually researching innovative sugar-free & low calorie healthy products.
Because we managed to greatly improve the taste of stevia with a blend of natural sweeteners of plant origin
We exculpate jams by creating an unbelievable global innovation: a delicious, light and healthy jam with 85% less calories and 93% less sugars than st...
We developed an innovative sugar substitute with zero sugars and 90% less calories than sugar ideal for fine bakery and pastry, that gives same textur...
We achieved in formulating a unique liquid sweetener made only with natural sweeteners of plant origin

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